Leni Klum soaks up the sun in a busty bikini

Leni Klum
Leni Klum is raising summer temps in her bikini and lace. Pic credit: © Bennigh/Admedia

Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni Klum is following in her mother’s footsteps and taking the modeling world by storm at only 19.

Even when she’s not on the catwalk, her modeling skills are apparent in every photo she shares.

This past weekend, Leni shared a stunning photo on her Instagram Stories that sent these early summer temps all the way up.

The 19-year-old rising model was sunbathing on a rocky beach and shared a snap from the occasion with her followers.

She kept a towel beneath her and her long locks were down, with dark shades covering her eyes.

Nothing stole the show quite like her swimsuit, though, a dark string bikini showing plenty of skin that was complemented by some lacy cover pieces.

Leni Klum's Instagram story
Leni Klum’s Instagram Story on the beach. Pic credit: @leniklum/Instagram

Leni Klum highlights Bella Venice

Nearly hidden in the photo, Leni tagged the clothing brand Bella Venice in her Instagram Story share.

The brand focuses on lace clothing, and it appears that the lace coverups that Leni was wearing came from the brand.

For the photoshoot with the brand, Leni wore the Lucy shorts, which retail for $42, and the matching Lucy tank top, which retails for $62.

Based on the brand’s Instagram page, it appears that they are one of many brands that focus on sustainability rather than fast-fashion tactics, which is proven by their website’s slogan, Slow Fashion.

They also boast that the designs come from Venice, Italy, but the products are made in Los Angeles.

Leni Klum goes topless for Super magazine

Leni recently teamed up with mom Heidi for another profile cover with Super magazine.

The looks for the cover showed a lot of skin in a tasteful manner, showing each of the women’s modeling skills.

In one shot, Leni was seen with her dark locks blowing back behind her as she gave a steely gaze to the camera.

She was adorned with a thick chain around her neck and some rings in her fingers along with a beige suit jacket but opted for nothing underneath.

Heidi’s look was somewhat similar regarding skin coverage, as one photo she shared had her back mostly bare as she posed in a feathered top.

This mother-daughter modeling duo is nearly unstoppable, and it doesn’t seem like they have any qualms about working together.

This is the summer of Leni and Heidi showing off their girl power and modeling skills, and we are absolutely here for it.

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