Britney Spears twirls in bikini bottoms and ‘goes for cute’ after ‘quitting the business’

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is back to dancing after announcing she “quit the business.” Pic credit: © Sadou/Admedia

Cute, meet Britney Spears. Britney, meet cute.

This year is Britney’s year of being cute, as she shared in a recent Instagram post.

The pop singer shared another one of her famous dancing videos where she twirled around in a white crop top and bikini bottoms.

Britney still has her dance moves after all these years, and we agree that she’s definitely cute.

She told her followers, “I think I’m going for cute this year!” and she appears to be making that a slam dunk.

However, what Britney won’t be going for this year is back into the music industry.

Britney Spears officially ‘quit the business’

For those waiting for brand-new music from Britney, it might be best to stop holding your breath as the singer seems to be done with that type of work.

In a since-deleted Instagram share, Britney shared her thoughts on the business and why she left it after her 13-year conservatorship.

While dancing to her song Get Naked (I Got a Plan), she came to a realization: “It was really weird because my dancers took the stage for this song !!! Oh well !!! I listened to this song today and actually realized it for the first time !!!”

“I guess it was all those rules you know !!! Guess all those rules and not having a voice for 13 years in what I wanted gave a lot of people a thrill ride !!! Oh well !!! Psss no wonder I quit the business JUST SAYING !!!” She added, seemingly giving her first official statement that she’s not returning to music.

Although she hasn’t made a new album since 2016, she did team up with Elton John for their Hold Me Closer remix, giving fans just a taste of her still-intact talent.

As far as new albums though, it doesn’t look like Britney is in the mood for it.

Britney Spears hits the gym in heels

A few days ago, Britney decided to wear a dress and heels to the gym “to see what it feels like” and it turns out the singer really liked it.

She admitted she had “never been to the gym in high heels” but she was inspired by an Instagram post where she wore whatever she wanted without a trainer telling her what to do.

Unfortunately, she didn’t include footage of her working out in her heels, so we’re not sure how well that worked for her, but her fashion was killing it.

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