The full Survivor 45 cast leaked ahead of the new season

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst is excited about a new season of Survivor. Pic credit: ©

A full Survivor 45 cast leak has taken place.

Bios for the castaways in the new season have been posted online.

It gives fans a brief look at the people competing for the $1 million prize during Season 45.

CBS ordered this new installment to air during Fall 2023, and it is reportedly already filming.

Additionally, it was revealed that Survivor 45 episodes will be longer this fall, giving fans more coverage.

There was also an announcement that new episodes of The Amazing Race will air on the same night.

The full Survivor 45 cast leak

Below are the 18 names the fan site Inside Survivor says are playing on Season 45. The site states that these are the “rumored” players, but they have a good track record at posting the cast lists early.

It looks like 17 people are brand new to the game, and it confirms that Bruce Perreault is returning.

Bruce was on the Survivor 44 cast. He was medically evacuated after getting injured in the first challenge. Host Jeff Probst wanted to give him another shot, and now he gets it.

  • Austin Li Coon – A 26-year-old business student from Chicago, IL.
  • Brandon Donlon – A 25-year-old content producer from Philadephia, PA.
  • Brando Meyer – A 22-year-old software developer from Seattle, WA.
  • Bruce Perreault – A 46-year-old insurance agent and Navy veteran from Warwick, RI.
  • Dianelys “Dee” Valladares – A 26-year-old in sales development from Miami, FL.
  • Drew Basile – A 22-year-old grad student from Birmingham, MI.
  • Emily Flippen – A 28-year-old financial analyst from Washington, DC.
  • Hannah Rose – A 32-year-old counselor from Baltimore, MD.
  • Jake O’Kane – A 26-year-old law school grad from Hanson, MA.
  • J. Maya – A 23-year-old singer and songwriter from the Bay Area, CA.
  • Julie Alley – A 49-year-old associate attorney from Nashville, TN.
  • Kaleb Gebrewold – A 28-year-old sales and marketing coach from Port Coquitlam, BC.
  • Katurah Topps – A 34-year-old civil rights lawyer from New York, NY.
  • Kellie Nalbandian – A 29-year-old nurse from New York, NY.
  • Kendra McQuarrie – A 30-year-old bartender from Salem, MA.
  • Nicholas “Niko” Alsup – A 30-year-old martial arts instructor from O’Fallon, IL.
  • Sabiyah Broderick – A 27-year-old truck driver and USMC veteran from Decatur, GA.
  • Sean Edwards – A 34-year-old school principal from Provo, UT.

More reality TV news

Due to the Writers Strike, CBS will air many reality shows during the summer and fall.

As a result of the strike, It was just announced that Big Brother 25 has been postponed.

The network is also rolling out a new season of The Challenge USA.

Soon, a new season of Love Island will also debut.

To catch up on episodes from Survivor 44, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Fans can also use the streaming service to enjoy classic seasons from the past.

Survivor 45 airs in the 2023-2024 television season on CBS.

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