The Curse of Oak Island: Marty Lagina declares ‘we could be inches away’ from a massive discovery

Rick Lagina smiling in the War Room
Rick Lagina and the team are hopeful of a breakthrough at the garden shaft. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 is approaching the end, and the team seems tantalizingly close. Marty Lagina declared they “could be inches away” from a major discovery at the bottom of the garden shaft in the Money Pit area.

The main focus of this season has been the rehabilitation of the old garden shaft. This shaft was previously thought to be 19th-century construction, but after carbon-14 dating the wood and finding traces of precious metals buried underneath, the guys began to suspect it was much older and could actually be the location of the treasure.

With this in mind, the guys got in mining outfit Dumas Ltd to reconstruct the 80-foot-deep shaft to see what was going down there. After numerous hiccups, the miners have finally gotten to the bottom and have started exploratory probing for offset hidden chambers.

Rick Lagina admitted on last night’s episode that they had all been struggling with the disappointment that, so far, the shaft had not revealed any hidden treasures. This was despite the wooden walls of the shaft testing positive for high amounts of precious metals.

However, last night, there were beaming smiles and high-fives all around when the Dumas guys announced that they thought they’d hit a tunnel at 91 feet. The Fellowship had previously hit a tunnel at 95 feet while borehole digging in the baby blob, and they suspected that tunnel was heading towards the garden shaft.

The guys now hope that this is the same tunnel, meaning they can follow to the treasure in the baby blob.

The Oak Island team thinks they are close to a breakthrough at the garden shaft

At this time of the season, it’s always a race against time and the weather to get things done before the guys have to stop all work as the Nova Scotian winter hits. But here was some hope they might make a breakthrough with only one episode left!

First, the team had to confirm it was a tunnel, so they popped some tubing into the drill hole and dropped a camera down. They couldn’t see much apart from clay, but there was a piece of wood. Wood often equals a tunnel, so Marty ordered Dumas to keep drilling.

There is also the possibility that they may have found not a tunnel but a vault. This scenario would definitely be preferable.

Of course, this is Oak Island, so nothing’s easy. The four-inch drill was hitting up against something hard and wasn’t making any progress. About two inches deep was as far as it would budge.

However, on the top of the drill head, there was more wood (enough for C-14 dating). The tension was palpable as the guys stood waiting for the drill to get through to something important, but agonizingly it just wasn’t penetrating.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 24 saw high levels of tension

“Why do we get this close, and we don’t have any time left?” lamented Marty. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys, Rick, Charles Barkhouse, Billy Gerhardt, Alex Lagina, and Peter Fornetti, who had gathered in the tent, all looked super tense.

Members of the Oak Island team gather around monitors in a tent
Members of the Oak Island team nervously watched the progress of a drill in the garden shaft. Pic credit: History

The guys started debating if they should dig a new hole, but project manager Scott Barlow argued they just didn’t have the time. Marty agreed. So instead, they decided to replace the four-inch drill bit with a six-inch and keep their fingers crossed that it could penetrate the wood.

And viewers will learn next week if that was successful. This was an episode where not a lot actually happened, but it sure was incredibly tense. Next week is expected to be the season finale, so let’s hope they can end Season 10 with a bang.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Barry Baldwin
Barry Baldwin
12 days ago

The episodes of series 10 stopped at episode 13 on Foxtel A&E, leaving us just when things were getting very interesting. I believe that series 10 stopped at episode 24 according to this web site.

WHY – there has been NO explanation