Big Brother 25 commercial debuts during the new Survivor episode

Daniele On BB8
Daniele Donato is one of the former houseguests featured in the new BB25 commercial. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

A Big Brother 25 commercial aired Wednesday night during the latest episode of Survivor 44.

While it didn’t give fans many details, what it did was help create some buzz for the new season.

The opening to the commercial features Diary Room sessions from some very memorable former houseguests.

It then highlights a showmance in the house that led to marriage.

Of course, Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale also appears after winning last summer.

And yes, Julie Chen Moonves is back as the host.

The Big Brother 25 TV commercial

Below is the 30-second advertisement that debuted on the night of Wednesday, May 17. The intent behind the snippet is to get Big Brother fans excited about the Summer 2023 season.

As for when the season might begin, the Big Brother 25 start date was recently leaked.

More from Big Brother

As the summer programming starts to air on CBS, more commercials about the new season of Big Brother will be seen.

Not many details about what will take place this summer have been revealed by the network.

There were many rumors about returning players, suggesting some form of a second-chance season could be in the works.

And with the ongoing Writers Strike, talk of a new Celebrity Big Brother season has also begun.

Two seasons of Big Brother could be in the works, beginning with Big Brother 25 and continuing with a late fall or early winter season.

For now, fans can start getting excited that the BB25 cast should be playing the game in less than two months.

Writers Strike and its impact on reality television

The Writers Guild of Ameris is on strike as its members try to gain more compensation and rights within their contract.

The strike has forced nearly all scripted shows to pause production, possibly leading to delays for those programs.

With a fear that the strike could drag on, more reality shows, competitions, and game shows will fill the void.

This is why Celebrity Big Brother is getting revisited and why shows like Deal or No Deal and Kitchen Nightmares are returning.

CBS also announced that Survivor 45 will have 90-minute episodes followed by 90-minute episodes of The Amazing Race on Wednesday nights this fall.

First up will be the new season of Big Brother, extending through most of the summer and introducing the BB25 cast to viewers at home.

Big Brother 25 airs in the summer of 2023 on CBS.

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